What in the world is Nicknuk? It’s a brand of knucks and also a sort of concept…

Nicknuk makes a wide variety of knucks which are defensive impact weapons that are descendants of brass knuckles. They are basically designed to both focus the force of a punch and reinforce the fist during a punch. Nicknuks creates knucks in a variety of designs and from a variety of materials like G-10, Micarta, Aluminum, Kevlar composites, copper, and more. The possibilities are nearly endless.

nicknuk pow

The concept component of Nicknuks is evident in the design. While many knucks feature large holes that the fingers are passed through, Nicknuks have only a pillar that projects up between two fingers. This is a key difference for two reasons. One, it appears slightly more discreet to the uninformed and two, it provides wider legality since some jurisdictions specifically outlaw knucks that enclose the fingers.

If you want to get your hands on a Nicknuk… get in line. They are created in small batches and are in high demand. The batches are generally released on Nicknuk’s website where they sell out in minutes. The best way to get one into your own grubby mitts is to like their Facebook page and wait for a sale announcement or subscribe to their site so you know when they are released.

nicknuk zap nicknuck pop

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