Bobro Engineering Developing Compact Back Up Sights

The new Lowrider Sights from Bobro Engineering are tiny but they are packed with some amazing attributes. They are about the same thickness on the rail as a stack of 3 quarters or about 2/10ths of an inch! Both the front and rear weigh just 1.7 ounces together!

Just because these sights are small, doesn’t mean they’re weak. Bobro states that sights pivot with zero slop. All of the adjustments have secondary locks to ensure that once they are zeroed, they stay zeroed. The sights are so low that they had to develop a new rail clamp design to support them!

bobro_lowrider_sights_7 bobro_lowrider_sights_6

From Bobro:

We designed a set of sights that are truly low profile.

Design requirements—

1-Low as possible
3-Locks on opening
4-Fits under optics/mounts

We designed a side pivot mechanism for strength and the lowest possible profile that will remain durable. The side pivot has internal detents, and we also incorporated a drive pin lock system. You must depress a button to fold them back down.

These aren’t available at the Bobro Engineering website yet. Stay tuned for release information.

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