UW Gear Experimental Mag Pouch

We rarely get a glimpse behind the curtain but the guys at UW Gear are constantly experimenting with new ideas. They recently built a few pouches using the WTFix backing from Whiskey Two-Four and are currently putting it through the wringer.

The WTFix system consists of several base components that are made of Hypalon that is laser cut to standard sizes and shapes. The benefit to the gear maker is reduced time and cost while the end user benefits with less weight and increased durability.

At this point, these pouches are prototypes only and are not available to order. This is just a rare glimpse into the development process of a gear maker and a very cool look at how collaboration is potentially helping to make your gear better.

UW_Gear_WTFix_Proto_1 UW_Gear_WTFix_Proto_2

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