Gear Dynamics Aggressor Belt

At first glance, it would be easy to write off the Aggressor Belt from Gear Dynamics as just another load bearing belt with a Cobra buckle. It sounds strange, but I think Gear Dynamics would take that as a sort of compliment because they obviously put a lot of care into making it appear that way. It is when you look a bit closer that you see a detail that really sets this belt apart.


The Aggressor Belt features a mix of HDPE stiffening material and strategically placed padding wrapped up in a Cordura nylon shell. That’s right. In spite of the slick, low profile appearance, there is actually padding in that belt. The padding runs along the edges of the belt which helps prevent the belt from pinching and cutting into the wearer’s sides. Gear Dynamics cleverly tucks the padding into to the spaces along the edges of the belt, between the latitudinal stitches that would exist in a belt like this anyway. This is what gives the belt it’s traditional appearance and trim profile while still providing some additional comfort.

The Aggressor Belt is available in 1.5″ and 2″ widths with 2 different buckle options. It also available in every color of the tactical rainbow. Check out the Gear Dynamics website for more details.



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