Seekins Precision SP10 .308

  1. Buy Seekins Precision SP10 .308
  2. Add an optic
  3. Shoot teeny-tiny groups
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!!!


Seekins Precision just opened up pre-ordering for their upcoming SP10 .308 rifles and, on paper, they look to have a lot going for them.

The upper is built around Seekins Precision’s iRMT upper receiver which is a CNC machined upper with an integrated extension for mounting their 15″ SP3R free-float rail. It is a very rigid system. The heart of the upper is one of Seekins Precision 18″ stainless steel match barrels.

The lower is completely ambidextrous. It features a tuned trigger and a proprietary buffer setup that allows the use of a standard carbine extension. It comes with a Magpul STR stock and Ergo Deluxe Grip.

The SP10 is nearly ready to stretch its legs right out of the box. Check it out at Seekins Precision.

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