Ruger 10/22 BX-25 Magazine Belt Pouch and Chest Rig from Crusader Gear

When I first started JTT, Retro-Tactical was one of my favorite small gear makers to keep tabs on because Tony, the owner, was always developing functional gear for weapons that were a bit off the beaten path. That included a lot of great 10/22 gear which I still use today. Retro-Tactical closed its doors but Crusader Gear may just be in line to inherit the throne. They have been rolling out several great 10/22 products that support Ruger’s excellent BX-25 magazine.

crusader gear bx25 1022 belt pouch

I have mentioned their BX-25 MOLLE pouches before and now they have introduced a belt mounted single mag version. It features bungee retention and a belt loop that will accommodate belt widths of up to 1.75″. This would be perfect to slap on your belt for a walk in the woods.

crusader gear bx25 1022 chest rig

They also introduced a BX-25 based chest rig! It holds 4 magazines in a shingle style pouch with individual bungee retention. The front of the pouch features a large loop field for patches. The chest rig also features 3 x 3 MOLLE fields on either side and an “H” harness. You can keep enough .22LR on tap to take out every varmint in your county!

Check out Crusader Gear.

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