Green Mountain Sheath Altoids Tin Pouch

If you are like me, you are incapable of ever throwing away an Altoids Tin. When I look at them I see their potential as survival kit containers, survival candles, first aid kits, organizers, and anything else I can dream up. Green Mountain Sheaths, makers of very fine quality leather goods, is offering a classy way to keep your Altoids Tin close at hand with their Altoids Tin Pouch.

Green Mountain Sheaths Leather Altoids Tin Holder

Green Mountain Sheaths makes the pouches from burly 6-7 ounce leather with hand tooled border detail. The tin is secured via a flap with a snap to keep everything bundled tightly. The rear of the Altoids Tin Pouch features a belt loop.

You can get in touch with Green Mountain Sheath on their Facebook page.

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