Battle Arms Development OIP AR-15 Upper Receiver

Battle Arms Development’s work with Bentwood Gunsmithing on their sub 4 pound AR-15 reminds me of how car manufacturers develop new tech for their racing teams with the hope that the new tech will eventually trickle down to their production cars. They are exploring ideas, like the new OIP Upper Receiver, that will eventually find their way into the Battle Arms Development product line.

Battle Arms Development OIP Upper Reciver 2 Battle Arms Development OIP Upper Reciver 1

The OIP upper receiver is an exercise in minimalism. Extra material is machined away. Rail space is reduced to only what is necessary to mount an Aimpoint Micro. The port cover is deleted. All that remains is basically the bare minimum needed to support an optic, barrel, BCG, and charging handle.

The new OIP (Ounces is Pounds) upper receiver shown in this post won’t be available for individual purchase but it will be available as part of the OIP carbine which will be available exclusively through Bentwood Gunsmithing. However, you can expect that ideas shown here will find their way into other products. Battle Arms Development is already designing another light weight upper receiver that will feature a full top rail and will be available for purchase separately.

BAD Lightweight Build


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