Head On Tactical Battle Rig and Honey Badger Rig

Head On Tactical has introduced two new chest rigs – the Battle Rig and the Honey Badger Rig. The two chest rigs are similar in that they both have “X” harnesses, integrated flap and buckle secured pistol mag pouches, an integrated GP/IFAK pouch, and a map pocket in the body of the rig. They differ in the configuration of their magazines pouches.


The Battle Rig has 3 double M4 magazine pouches (3 pouches x 2 mags per pouch = 6 mags). The pouches are secured with flaps and have bungee cord compression straps to help keep single mags from moving too much.


The Honey Badger rig has 4 open top magazine pouches. Each pouch can hold a single M4 or AK magazine and is secured with a bungee retainer. The interior of the mag pouches has loop material so that magazines can be retained by sticking a small piece of hook material to the magazine or kydex inserts made be used.

Check out both new rigs at Head On Tactical.

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