Vertx MAP and BAP at PredatorBDU

Vertx has done the EDC world a great favor with the introduction of their MAP and BAP. If you carry a bag that is lined with loop side Velcro, you owe them a debt of gratitude for what I am about to show you.

The MAP is essentially a MOLLE compatible panel that is made from One-Wrap. Basically, you attach your MOLLE compatible pouches to the MAP in order to adapt them to work with Velcro lined bags. It is available in 4 sizes so you can turn any MOLLE pouch in your inventory into a Velcro backed pouch. Genius!

Vertx_MAP_Single__40210.1392183532.1280.1280 MAP_Double__52349.1392182908.1280.1280 Vertx_MAP__39882.1392181551.1280.1280

The BAP is just as clever as the MAP. It is also made from One-Wrap and allows you to adapt belt mounted gear like pouches and holsters to be used with Velcro lined bags. Genius again!

Check out the MAP and BAP from Vertx at PredatorBDU.

BAP__64483.1392265857.1280.1280 BAP_Holster__69182.1392265895.1280.1280


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