RE Factor Tactical Chemlight Pocket

The RE Factor Tactical Chemlight Pocket is designed to keep 4 chemlights close at hand. It attaches via hook and loop to the upper arm pocket found on many modern uniform and combat shirts and features 4 internal elastic loops to retain the chemlights. The exterior of the Chemlight Pocket is covered with loop side Velcro so that you can use the flap on your uniform shirt to close the pocket and so you can continue to use the space for patches and ID.

The Chemlight Pocket adds dedicated chemlight carrying capability to your gear without taking up any additional pocket space or loop material real estate. Check it out at RE Factor Tactical.

Chemlight_Pocket_Front_1__97607.1398785637.1280.1280 Chemlight_Pocket__64532.1398642572.1280.1280 Chemlight_pocket_closed__81004.1398644664.1280.1280

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