News from V7 Weapon Systems

V7 Weapon Systems continues to churn out AR-15 accessories made from interesting materials. Their latest offering is the V7 Titanium Gas Block (.750″). This lightweight gas block is made from heat treated titanium. V7 Weapon Systems states that titanium’s thermal coefficient is half that of steel, meaning that it will not expand until it reaches a higher temperature than steel. This, theoretically, leads to a tighter gas seal as the barrel heats. This two screw design uses knurled tip screws, is only 1″ long, and weighs just 22.1 grams.


V7 Weapon Systems has also released their Extreme Environment Gas Tubes in mid-length (previously only available in for carbine length gas systems). These gas tubes are made from inconel which makes them nearly impervious to heat and very corrosion resistant.


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