Griffin Armament Fail Safe Sights

The new Fail Safe Sights from Griffin Armament will be formally introduced at SHOT Show 2014 but you can consider this a sneak preview. They should be available shortly after the show.

Griffin Armament Fail Safe Sights Set

The Fail Safe Sights are offset iron sights that are designed to be used in conjunction with an optic on your carbine. They attach to the 12 o’clock rail like typical iron sights but place the sights offset to the rail so that the shooter can rotate the rifle slightly in order to use the sights without removing the optic. These sights are designed so that they are offset on the axis of the bore which means that they are still directly over the bore and can be zeroed as usual.

Griffin Armament Fail Safe Sights with RDS

Griffin Armament built some pretty unique functionality into the Fail Safe Sights. The front sight is in the HK style with a full circle shroud. It is not adjustable for elevation which is a good thing with this style of shroud. The biggest strength of HK style front sights (and they reason they don’t always adapt well to the AR-15’s elevation adjustable front sight) is that the shooter will tend to center the round shroud in the rear sight aperture rather than the front sight post when they are using a faster sight picture. This technique can be very fast which makes sense for a sight set that is intended to offer a faster sighting alternative to an magnified optic. If the front sight was adjustable for elevation like on most HK style sights for the AR-15, there would be a slight difference in the point of impact when centering the front sight versus centering the entire shroud which is not desirable.

The rear sight is both windage and elevation adjustable which makes zeroing easier and makes the fixed front sight work. It features multiple sized rear sight apertures.

Check out Griffin Armament.

Griffin Armament Fail Safe Sights Front Griffin Armament Fail Safe Sights Rear Adjustment

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