Scrap Yard Knife Company Mud Mutt

The new Mud Mutt is a unique offering for Scrap Yard Knife Company in that it is made from .140″ thick SR101 steel. Typically, their knives are thicker in fitting with their reputation for standing up to hard use. This is the thinnest SR101 steel that Scrap Yard Knife Works has worked with to date and it should make for a very aggressive cutter. In spite of the thinner stock, SR101 has a great reputation for toughness and I have no doubt this knife will take abuse.


The Mud Mutt features 5″ long, black coated blade. The drop point blade profile has a very subtle drop at the spine and plenty of belly. The Mud Mutt utilizes the “Mudder” grip pattern which fills the hand nicely and provides a ton of grip.

The Mud Mutt is also unique in that it is being offered with an optional sheath (most Scrap Yard Knife Company knives do not come with sheaths). The Mud Mutt has an introductory price of $99.95 (until 12/31/13) and the leather sheath can be added for $20 more.

Check out the Mud Mutt.

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