Fight and Flight Tactical Christmas Kitchen Sink

Lots of gear makers have stockings for sale around this time of year but only one will send you a stocking that is pre-stuffed with a Tactical Ass Scrubbing Kit (TASK). That’s right, Fight and Flight Tactical wants to make sure that your hind quarters are squeaky clean this Christmas.


Their tactical Christmas stocking is easily the most tactical of all the tactical Christmas stockings. It has places to stuff your Christmas loot, places to stick your cool guy patches, multiple tactical candy cane retention systems, and a PALS webbing to attach your mission critical gear like a canteen full of eggnog and medic shears for all the tape that comes with Christmas (seriously, if you have kids there is soooo much tape).

You have the option of adding a couple of Fight and Flight Tactical’s most popular products like the previously mentioned TASK and the Blackjack Battery Brick which is handy because, in addition to all the tape, everything that the grandparents spoil your kid with will need 1 more battery than you have on hand. You’ll even save a bit of money by purchasing them all together which is nice because Christmas will bankrupt you if you let it.

These are available in all the colors you can imagine and some you can’t. Check out the Fight and Flight Tactical Christmas Kitchen Sink.


This isn’t even all the available colors!

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