SAR Global Tool Tactical Titanium Combs

Is $100 a lot to pay for a comb? Yeah. It is. Are titanium combs with integrated pocket clips and teeth sharp enough to serve as a last ditch self-defense tool the coolest thing you will see all day? Yeah. They are.


SAR Global Tool has been making these combs for a few years. In fact, they were the subject of Spencer’s, SAR Global Tool’s owner, first YouTube video. I defy you to resist purchasing a Tactical Titanium Comb after you watch this video. You will hear Right Said Fred, witness Spencer “exorcising demons” out of his “face weasel,” and then murder a pear in the most graphic way possible.

The ACE Pocket Comb is a new version of the combs. It a response to some very serious folks who liked the original combs but wanted something even more low profile. Apparently, the original version’s pocket clip was being pegged as a knife and attracting unwanted attention. The ACE Pocket Comb does away with the clip and adds additional comb teeth. It looks the most like a typical comb of all the available models.


Check out the Tactical Titanium Combs at SAR Global Tool.

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