Behind the Scenes at Warrior Trail

Warrior Trail gave us a peak behind the curtain. This very cool series of photos shows their training plate production process. It’s kind of like the crayon factory episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood but more tactical…

The production starts here where 100% recycled PVC, in powder form, goes into the hopper.

Warrior Trail Production 1

The PVC comes out of the extruder in a ribbon that is very hot. It is partially cooled with a water bath.

Warrior Trail Production 2

The PVC ribbon goes through a roller to compress it to the proper dimensions. It is still warm and flexible when it comes out of the roller.

Warrior Trail Production 3

It can take a while to reach a consistent quality from the roller. These rejected ribbons will be ground up and fed back into the hopper.

Warrior Trail Production 4

The ribbons are cut to length.

Warrior Trail Production 5

The corners are clipped and the bi-curve shape is applied.Warrior Trail Production 6

The plates are cooled in a water bath before having their sharp edges removed and their iconic hole drilled.

Warrior Trail Production 8

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