BladeHQ Exclusive TOPS BOB Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft Knife

The TOPS BOB (Brothers of Bushcraft) Fieldcraft Knife has been making a name for itself thanks to its “modified Scandi” edge (basically a saber height convex edge), large ergonomic handle, and reasonable price. This knife cuts well for one made from 3/16″ thick stock and is easy to sharpen thanks to the edge geometry and 1095 steel.


Previously, it was only available with a micarta handle that is sort of orange in color. If you prefer your knives to be a bit less loud in their appearance, you’ll be interested to know that there is a brand new version of the BOB exclusively at BladeHQ. The new version sports black G-10 handles and special BHQ-XXX serial numbers.

Check out the Black G-10 BOB Fieldcraft Knife at BladeHQ.

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