Valkyrie Combat V-Series Custom Glocks

The new V-Series Custom Glock packages are now available from Valkyrie Combat. There are three packages available: the V-Lower, V-Upper, and Valkyrie Package which combines both the V-Lower and V-Upper packages.

Valkyrie Combat V-Series Glock

The V-Lower package ($400) contains Glock mod mainstays like finger groove removal, backstrap reduction, trigger guard undercut, trigger rounding, magwell cutouts, relieving the magazine release button, your choice of grip textures, and coating. These are fairly standard offerings that many of you are likely already familiar with.

The V-Upper package ($385) consists of some very slick slide modifications. The most noticeable modification is the addition of full length slide serrations that serve to enhance your grip on the slide regardless of where you grip it. Valkyrie Combat also adds what they call “Press Check Grooves” which serve to give you a ledge to pull against when executing a press check.

The Valkyrie Package ($706) includes everything listed above with the addition of the V-Mags. These are Glock magazines modified by Valkyrie Combat to include cuts in the side of the magazine to expose ammunition levels and stippled base plates. The Valkyrie Package also includes additional coating options, a box of COR®BON ammo, and admission in a Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts pistol class.

Look for the V-Series Glock packages on soon.


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