Henry Holsters Low-Profile Chest Rig – Exclusively from AGS Armament & Consulting

Henry Holsters is an Indiana based Kydex bender who makes some of the nicest hybrid IWB holsters around. They have been working with the good folks at AGS Armament & Consulting LLC (also Indiana based) to create what they are calling the Low-Profile Chest Rig.

Henry Holsters AGS Low-Profile Chest Rig

I can’t give out a lot of details right now so consider this a teaser. Obviously, this chest rig is unique in a couple of ways. First, it is made from Kydex and second, it carries the magazines oriented “upside down”. This rig is extremely small and very lightweight. I am actually pretty fascinated by it and will probably have to pick one up to try.

Stay tuned for more pictures and details!

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