IWC QD End Plate RL – Available Now!

Impact Weapon Components has just released their new QD End Plate RL. It is a bit different from others on the market in that it is machined from steel billet (instead of stamped or laser cut which can leave sharp edges) and it is rotation limited.

IWC QD End Plate RL

This type of end plate is useful for mounting single and two point slings. The central mounting position allows the sling to easily transfer from side to side as you transition from shoulder to shoulder. The rear sling mounting point takes the majority of the weight of your rifle so it is nice to have a steel attachment point for your rear QD swivel.

The IWC QD End Plate RL can be used to stake the castle nut in place per mil-spec. It is finished with a black manganese phosphate coating.

Check out the IWC QD End Plate RL on Use the coupon code “triggerjerk” to receive 5% off your order.

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