Fight and Flight Tactical T.A.S.K.

When you are covered with sweat, unburnt powder, blood, guts, and gun oil, you can’t settle for just “clean.” Scrub the funk off with the Fight and Flight Tactical TASK (Tactical Ass Scrubbing Kit) and you’ll be tactically clean!

Fight and Flight TASK

The TASK is a soap pouch made from 8mm antimicrobial spacer mesh. It can hold just about any normal sized bar of soap or even let you put that last little sliver of soap to use. The TASK can also be used with liquid soap. It scrubs off the nasty stuff and the little bits of skin that your body rejects because they have grown too weak to pull their weight (AKA exfoliation).

Perhaps most importantly, the TASK has a 6″ webbing loop so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and the potential ramifications of that.

Check out the TASK at Fight and Flight Tactical. It would make a great Father’s Day gift!

Fight and Flight TASK in Use


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