Integrate the Ares Armor Combat XII Pack with a UW Gear Chest Rig

UW Gear Swampfox MKII

UW Gear Swampfox MKII

Domari Nolo Outfitters released a video (below) that shows how an Ares Armor Combat XII Pack can be integrated with UW Gear Chest Rigs. They use the MEC version of the Combat XII Pack from PredatorARMAMENT and the UW Gear Swampfox MKII chest rig but this should work with any version of either product.

The combination of the Combat XII Pack and Swampfox MKII chest rig offers some nice functionality. The Swampfox MKII is a split front chest rig, so the entire set up can be donned and doffed like a vest. The Combat XII Pack gives the wearer the ability to carry up to 6 spare magazine, 2 hydration bladders, and more. The integration of the 2 items looks very seamless. This is an impressive combo!

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