Tuff-Writer – The Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen Project

I am not much of a tactical pen user. For the most part, I would just prefer to use an inexpensive steel bodied Zebra pen or something similar. However, I can appreciate a well designed writing instrument that looks great the same way I can appreciate a gorgeous custom knife and the Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen from Tuff Writer certainly looks great.

Tuff Writer Ti Pen

Tuff Writer makes a fairly wide assortment of “tactical” pens. They are not inexpensive but I have handled several and they are very, very nice. Now they are looking for backers for a new project, their Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen. They have a project page on KickStarter and they are already fully funded with 32 days left! In fact, they have hit nearly 3 times their goal and it is understandable because the pen looks amazing.

The Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen features a heavy duty spring steel clip, Delrin spacers that let it take just about any ink refill available including the venerable Fisher refills, and, of course, titanium construction. JTT readers know that titanium makes everything better. It will be available with a number of different metal treatments like tumbled, satin, hand brushed, and hand polished.

Check out the Ultimate Titanium Clicky Pen Project project page on KickStarter.

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