Crowd Fund IMFDB Improvements

The developer of IMFDB (Internet Movie Firearms Data Base) is attempting to crowd fund improvements to their site.



Many of you are likely already familiar with IMFDB but for those who are not, it is vast repository of firearm knowledge as it relates to movies. Want to know what gun Al Pacino use in Heat? You go to IMFDB. Ever wonder about the slick machine pistols in Equilibrium? You go to IMFDB. You get the picture. If it has to do with guns and movies, you can probably find it at IMFDB.

It is a great resource but it could be even better. IMFDB is attempting to gather funds to improve the page editing interface, create a more consistent design, and improve the search functionality of the site. These things don’t come cheap, so, if you are interested, check out the IMFDB project page at RocketHub.

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