Blue Force Gear M320 Grenade Launcher Holster

Blue Force Gear’s new M320 Grenade Launcher Holster is probably new to you but it isn’t the textbook definition of new. The new holsters are being officially released today, but they have been in use “down range” for over a year. So, while this is a new product, it has already been thoroughly tested.

BFG M320 Holster 1

The M320 Grenade Launcher Holster shows Blue Fore Gear’s typical penchant for reducing weight. It weighs only 168 grams. That light weight and the ability to be stored completely flat make it easy to pack and carry when it is not in use. When it is in use, it mounts on the right side of the user and positions the M320 so that the grip is easy to access. The M320 is retained by a bungee strap over the grip and a webbing strap with ITW surface mount buckle across the front of the holster which is wide open to allow for a variety of different sighting options.

Check out the new M320 Grenade Launcher Holster at

BFG M320 Holster Flat

BFG M320 Holster Unholstering

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