Tactical Dynamics Frog Strap for the Chameleon Sling

The previously reviewed Chameleon Sling is one of the most versatile single point slings that I have ever used. It can be used as a rig mounted sling or a stand-alone single point sling. Now, thanks to the Frog Strap, it has a new trick – it converts to a 2 point sling.

Frog Strap

The Frog Strap is a simple webbing adapter that works to convert the Chameleon Sling to a 2 point sling or as an attachment point for any 2 point sling with a hook style attachment. It straps to the forearm of your carbine and offers a large steel d-ring as a place to clip your sling.

Check out the Chameleon Sling and the Frog Strap on TacticalDynamics.com.

Frog Strap with Chameleon

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