Incredibly Small Compasses

Prepare to be amused, amazed, and finally, overwhelmed with the desire to reach for your wallet. There is a seller on Ebay selling some of the tiniest compasses that I have every seen and the reports of their quality have been extremely positive.

Sportsman Mini Brass Jewel Bearing Compass

These “Sportsman Mini Brass Jewel Bearing Compasses” are just 1/4″ in diameter! The main body is constructed from brass. The needle is a somewhat triangular shaped piece of metal that rides on a real jewel bearing. They are made by a gentleman who claims to be a retired engineer whose “area of expertise was magnetic heads for computer hard drives.” Initial reports on these compasses say that they are made very well and that they are accurate.

I am so intrigued by these little guys that I plan to purchase a couple for review. I can think of about a million places that I would like to try mounting them.

Check out the Sportsman Mini Brass Jewel Bearing Compasses on Ebay.

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