RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap – Multicam Coming Soon

I get a lot of mileage out of my RE Factor Tactical Blasting Cap. I wear it often, especially when I am on the range. Do I need an “operator” style cap that lets me affix patches and ID to the Velcro panels? No, I really don’t, but I like the hat. Does it make me look like a poser on the range? Probably, but I like how it fits and I like the mesh construction. I came up with the name for the darn thing for goodness sake! I just really like these hats.

I will also probably really like the Multicam version when it becomes available even though it lacks the mesh construction. RE Factor Tactical recently showed a prototype of the Multicam version of the cap on their Facebook Page. It looks pretty darn good. I bet they will sell a ton of them for no other reason than people really like how Flexfit caps fit and I am not sure anyone else is offering them in Multicam.

RE Factor Tactical Multicam Blasting Cap

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