CRKT Kangee and Chogan Tomahawks

To say that Ryan Johnson from RMJ Tactical knows a thing or two about tomahawks would be an understatement. He recently collaborated on 2 tomahawks, the Kangee and Chogan,with CRKT and people are understandably excited about them.

CRKT T-Hawks

Both tomahawks feature full tang construction from .23″ thick SK5 Carbon Steel which is a great choice for its toughness and reasonable price. They come with PALS compatible kydex sheaths and glass filled nylon handle slabs. The Kangee features a spike poll and a fully sharpened top edge that runs from the bit to the poll. The Chogan has a hammer poll and the top edge is only partially sharpened for the length of the bit.

Check out the Kangee T-Hawk and the Chogan T-Hawk at our affiliate KnifeCenter.

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