IWC Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOT KeyMod

Impact Weapons Components’ Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOT hand stops are one of my favorite products that they make. I own several of them for various hand guards and free-float tubes. They are simple and they just work.


The most recent addition to the Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOT is designed to attach to the various KeyMod hand guards. The Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOT KeyMod – Hand Stop is designed to provide an index point on your hand guard that can keep your hand from moving too far forward or to pull against to drive the carbine back into your shoulder. Like other MOUNT-N-SLOT accessories, it reduces weight and complexity versus comparable products that use rails to attach.

Check out the Weapon Control MOUNT-N-SLOT KeyMod – Hand Stop at Use the coupon code “triggerjerk” to receive 5% off.

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