Blue Force Gear LMAC MOLLE Flaps

The Blue Force Gear (BFG) Lightweight Modular Armor Carrier (LMAC) is one of the most modular plate carriers on the market. It’s design allows the flap that secures the cummerbund to be removed and many users have been requesting that the flaps be available for purchase separately. BFG got the message!

The LMAC MOLLE Flaps are now available on the Blue Force Gear website. Now, LMAC users can create multiple configurations and switch between them with ease. You could configure one flap for 7.62 mags and another for 5.56. You could keep one slick and load another down with pouches. If I had an LMAC, I would probably build one flap with 3 double M4 mag pouches and another with 3 single M4 mag pouches so I can easily scale the carrier to carry only what I needed. Now that these flaps are available, you are limited only by your creativity (and pouch budget).

This represents a significant upgrade in functionality for the LMAC.


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