Fight and Flight Tactical 3-Mag Shingle

Don’t like choosing between faster shock cord retention and more secure flap covered pouches? You don’t have to choose thanks to the 3-Mag Shingle from Fight and Flight Tactical.

As the name would suggest, the 3-Mag Shingle holds 3 M4 magazines – 1 in each cell of the shingle. The single layer of 3 magazines keeps the shingle very slim and low profile. It has removable flaps that attach the back of the shingle with Velcro and a snap. There are removable bungee retainers on each pouch as well.

You can find plenty of magazine shingles with shock cord retention or flaps but you can’t find many with both that allow you to choose between the two based on your specific requirements. Check out the 3-Mag Shingle on

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