The Second Amendment as a Barometer

It is true that we, as a community of gun owners, are often guilty of fixating on just the 2nd Amendment rather than a candidate’s view of the entire Bill of Rights. However, it is also true that the 2nd Amendment is an excellent barometer to be used to judge a candidate’s regard for the entire Bill of Rights.

Too often it seems that people do not realize that a candidate who has no qualms about encroaching on one right, will have no qualms about encroaching on others. I will never understand how the reduction, limitation, or denial of the 2nd Amendment can be viewed by some as a moral victory and not for what it is – another step toward a very, very slippery slope in which all of our rights are in danger.

There is no such thing as an anti-2nd Amendment candidate. It is time we call them what they are… Anti-Bill of Rights.

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