Why We Train – Other Weapons

Most of the time when one considers the appropriate use of deadly force it is in response to a crime in progress involving a firearm. However, it is important to consider that firearms are by no means the only weapons in an attacker’s hands that may require an armed response. Knives, bats, and even pepper spray being used in the commission of a crime could quickly create a justified deadly force situation under certain circumstances. With the rise of flash mobs and the violence that has accompanied some of these incidents, deadly force could easily be justified if a person is violently attacked by a group of unarmed thugs.

Recently in Salt Lake City an armed citizen was able to stop a violent stabbing spree. An apparently deranged man purchased a knife from a store and then proceeded to attack and stab multiple customers. If everyone would have just waited until the police arrived this story would likely contain more victims and some fatalities. Fortunately for everyone, a quick thinking customer who was prepared to act decisively intervened and stopped the threat. Train yourself now to be that guy if called upon!

One Response to Why We Train – Other Weapons

  1. Mike@AppalachianTraining September 7, 2012 at 20:49 #

    Very timely thoughts, have seen a lot of this lately in the news. And we just had one incident here in Louisville that turned out badly. A man who had been in a long running dispute with the homeowners association shot and killed the husband of the HOA president at a meeting (with approx 20 people attending). First reports have several shots fired at other attendees until he was finally subdued by a retired police officer (again, first reports are always wrong, but it is probably pretty close). You never know what is going to happen or where. It is imperative that we all follow what you have so expertly pointed out: “…who was prepared to act decisively intervened and stopped the threat”. You have got to put all those elements together for it to mean anything. -AT

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