Why We Train – Interrupting a Robbery

One of the most likely situations the armed citizen could find themselves in where they maybe required to use deadly force is interrupting an armed robbery. Regardless if the robber(s) chooses a bank, liquor store, restaurant, gas station, or etc. to victimize, the one thing they all have in common is the likelihood that customers will be present. The most powerful weapon for police/armed citizens is strong situational awareness. If you happen to find yourself caught in the initial act of robbery or you unintentionally interrupt one in progress by entering the business at a critical time, the best way to give yourself the edge is to not miss trouble cues.

Most of the time the robber(s) will be outnumbered, focused on the clerk or other victim, and unable to watch the customers scattered throughout the place of business. Quick thinking and acting at this critical point could easily hand off an opportunity stop a felony and save lives. One will most likely not have a warning of the impending trouble so the exercise will be strictly, “come as you are.” The big bore hand cannon under the truck seat may as well be on the moon if caught away from your vehicle when the moment of truth comes.

A Jacksonville, FL grandfather recently found himself in a situation like this and he was mentally and tactically prepared to proficiently use deadly force to stop an armed robbery at a Dollar General store. The article is understandably short on details, but we do know that the man was able to cue off a warning from the clerk and that he was a skilled marksman who practiced with his weapon in competition. His labor and preparation bore real fruit that night as he successfully stopped the robbery, protected others, and came safely home to his family. What more could you ask!

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