Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier Approved by LAPD

Shellback Tactical is understandably proud about some recent news. Their Banshee Plate Carrier has been approved for individual officer purchase by LAPD. I reviewed the Banshee and found to be an excellent value so I am not surprised to see this kind of recognition.

From their release:

The BANSHEE RIFLE PLATE CARRIER-(BLACK) Part# 814773 has just been approved by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) on their approved gear list. Officers can now purchase and use the BANSHEE along with the below accessories for the Banshee. This was a long process where we worked closely with the LAPD through the T&E process. We are excited and honored to have made it through their approval process.

Accessories that can be used with the Banshee Plate Carrier
Shoulder Pad Accessory Set of 2 Black One Size 820510
Molle Taser Holster Black Left Hand 814513
Molle Taser Holster Black Right Hand 956343
MX5000 Radio Pouch Black One Size 812322
MOLLE Shingle Pistol Enhanced Mag Pouch Black Single 812203
MOLLE Shingle Pistol Enhanced Mag Pouch Black Double 812208
MOLLE Shingle Pistol Enhanced Mag Pouch Black Triple 812213
MOLLE 7X8 SIDE PLATE POCKETS Black One Size 820875

Check out the Banshee PC on

This PC is making a name for itself.

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