NavELite Updates and App

I am pretty excited about the upcoming NavELite. It will really fill a void in the market for quality wrist compasses.

If you want a preview of how the NavELite will look and work, you can check out their new iPhone/iPad App. The app replicates the look the face and needle on the NavELite. It also has a backlight function and you can rotate the “bezel” to set an azimuth. The NavE-Compass app is free and well worth a look if you own an Apple device.

There are a lot of other interesting things happening around NavELite HQ other than the new app. They are currently experimenting with a very promising method of waterproofing the NavELite.It remains to be seen whether this waterproofing concept will find its way into the standard NavELite or if it will be available in a second, more water-resistant model. Additionaly, the backlight button has been redesigned to improve performance.

It is cool to see a company that not only shares their fascinating development process but also constantly tweaks their design to make sure it is perfect. Check out the NavELite website and Facebook Page.

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