10-8 Performance Glock Sight In Tool

Have you ever wondered what front sight height you would need on your Glock to achieve a 6 o’clock hold, a center hold, or even just to sight in at a specific distance? 10-8 Performance can help you take the guess work out determining what front sight height you need with the Glock Sight In Tool.

The Glock Sight In Tool looks to be extremely easy to use. It is basically just a precisely milled nylon front sight blade. You install it, shoot a test group (which will be low), sand the top of the Glock Sight In Tool to raise the point of impact, and repeat the process until you achieve the desired point of impact. Once you have the sight sanded to the correct height, you can measure it to determine which front sight height will work best for your Glock and desired point of impact.

This is about as simple and low-tech as a tool can be and I mean that in a good way. This tiny piece of plastic solves a very common problem. Check out the Glock Sight In Tool at 10-8Performance.com.


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