Ares Armor Combat XII Medical Pack

The new Combat XII Medical Pack is an adaptation of the Ares Armor Combat XII Pack with a ton of purpose built functionality built in. This pack is designed for the combat medic who must be able to keep their life saving gear organized and accessible in a variety of conditions.

Like the original Combat XII Pack, the Combat XII Medical Pack can be attached directly to an armor carrier or be carried via shoulder straps like a traditional pack. Unlike most packs that attach to armor carriers, the Combat XII Medical Pack can be accessed by the wearer without having to remove the armor.

The main compartment has room for a hydration bladder and is lined with loop Velcro so that it can be configured to the user’s preference with the included assortment of pouches. It also has two exterior pouches. One is a smaller general purpose type pouch. The larger pouch features a dedicated chest seal pouch and also has loop Velcro lining for adding more organization. The exterior of the Combat XII Medical Pack features MOLLE webbing so that more pouches can be added if necessary.

The Combat XII Medical Pack retains the unique magazine pouches of the original Combat XII Pack but they now have flaps instead of bungee retainers. There are three magazine pouches that will hold 3 AR-15 magazines each. These pouches can also be used for IV bags, gauze, or other quick access items. The flaps serve to retain the items and block UV rays from degrading them.

The Combat XII Medical Pack will be available from

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