S.O. Tech VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch

I have always said that someone should make an IFAK pouch that lays all of the first aid contents out side by side instead of stacking them. It would make for a much flatter pouch. Well, it turns out that S.O. Tech read my mind when they released the VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch.

The VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch is wider than most IFAK pouches but that allows it to be far thinner. It is designed to ride on the back of a battle belt, below the plate carrier. I think it could likely work very well mounted on a plate carrier itself especially on the sides where many people already mount their IFAK. It certainly wouldn’t be as bulky or in the way as a typical IFAK pouch mounted on a plate carrier.

The VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch is also very accessible. All of the IFAK kit items are placed in a tray that rides in a sleeve. The sleeve is what is actually mounted to your gear. The tray can be pulled out from either side which makes accessing a kit that is mounted on the back of your belt fairly easy.

This really looks like it could be a versatile alternative to the typical bulky IFAK pouch. The VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch might even open up some mounting possibilities that traditional IFAKs can’t provide. Check out the S.O. Tech VIPER Flat IFAK Pouch on SKDTAC.com.

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