The new Survival Options Belt-Pouch (SOB-Pouch) from TAREINCO is a compact, concealable, belt pouch that is designed to carry small survival items. The SOB-Pouch also has a trick up its sleeve. It can be removed from the wearer’s belt just by pulling a webbing tab.

This pouch looks like a very unobtrusive way to carry small survival or EDC items. Most belt pouches on the market are far too noticeable and they look a bit, well, silly. The SOB-Pouch hugs the belt and is hardly noticeable, especially when covered by a shirt.

If you need to access the contents or remove the pouch for any other reason, you can simply pull the tab to remove the entire pouch from your belt. This gives you easy access to the contents of the pouch. This easy-off, quick access functionality would make the SOB-Pouch great for a small first aid kit.

The SOB-Pouch isn’t available yet, but you can check out TAREINCO.com or TAREINCO’s Facebook page to stay in the know.

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