Apex Tactical Parts for the S&W Shield

The new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield has been making some serious waves lately. Given that this is part of the M&P line, many people want to know which M&P parts from Apex Tactical Solutions will fit the Shield. Well, here is the answer…

It turns out that many of their parts will work. In fact, Apex has been testing a combination of their parts that they will be selling as the M&P Shield Carry Kit (SCK) which consists of their Apex Hard Sear, Apex Ultimate Striker Block Kit (USB Kit), and Apex Duty/Carry Sear and Trigger Return Spring (DC Spring Kit).

You can read about how these parts were tested, information about parts compatibility between the Shield and other M&P handguns, and other great Shield information from Apex Tactical Solutions in there recent email communication. Check out all of their products at ApexTactical.com.

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