NSN Issued for the Blue Force Gear VCAS

The Blue Force Gear VCAS (Vickers Combat Applications Sling) already dominates my gun safe and now it is moving toward world domination. Blue Force Gear has been awarded a NSN (1005-01-604-0627) for the VCAS and they are understandably excited.

From the Blue Force Gear press release…

During combat trials in Afghanistan in 2011, U.S. Marines validated the VCAS™ as the issue sling for their new M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle as delivered by Heckler & Koch. These slings will join over 100,000 other Blue Force Gear slings already in use across every branch of service. The USMC has also fully authorized this sling for use on M4, M4A1 and M16 series rifles and Blue Force Gear offers attachments to connect the VCAS to these weapons as well as other internationally produced small arms.

Check out the VCAS on BlueForceGear.com.

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