IWC Summit Trade-In Program

Have you ever bought a shiny new tactical widget only to find that an improved version of that very same tactical widget comes out a few weeks later? Good companies are always striving to improve their product so these sorts of things can happen. Impact Weapons Components knows how it feels to get stuck with last season’s tactical widget and that is why they offer the Summit Trade-In Program.

The Summit is a free program that IWC customers can join to receive special offers and perks. One of those perks is the Summit Trade-In Program. Here is how it works: When you want to trade in your IWC gear to replace it with a new version, you simply fill out a short form. Once the form is completed, you will have the opportunity to purchase the new part at 50% retail. It’s that easy.

Remember to use the coupon code “triggerjerk” at checkout to receive 5% discount at

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