Godspeed Tactical Universal Machete Sheath

Even the cheapest machetes can be versatile and efficient tools but they rarely come with a useful sheath. Finding a sheath that fits your machete can be hit and miss unless you live near a store that carries several that you can try. Unfortunately stores like that are very rare. Godspeed Tactical has a versatile solution that machete proponents will love – a universal machete sheath.

The sheath is formed from kydex and is purposely designed to allow it to carry machetes of varying shapes. It is available in two lengths that will cover most of the common machete lengths – one for shorter machetes (12-14”) and one for longer (15-18”). You can also add optional accessory pouches for carrying various small pieces of survival gear.

Godspeed Tactical also makes sheaths for specific machetes. Check out Godspeed Tactical’s website for more details.

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