ESEE Candiru Giveaway from PredatorIntelligence

From PredatorIntelligence…

Wild Bill managed to get his hands on one of the first ESEE Candiru Knives available and we are giving it away to one of our Facebook Followers. This is a sneak peek at some of the new products we will be offering soon at a Predator Intelligence store. Wild Bill managed to snag the ESEE Candiru DT shown below in Desert Tan, which will be the one given to the winning customer. Instructions follow this photo.

The rules are simple, the first customer to spend $200 or more at wins the ESEE Candiru DT. You must enter the code that follows at check out to win the knife. Once the order is placed, this code will expire and you will know that someone has already won. We will make note on the PredatorIntelligence Facebook page once the knife has been won. Head to the PredatorIntelligence Facebook page to secure the code.

Void where prohibited. Must be 21 and over to enter. Only valid for customers in the continental United States.

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