D.I.R.E. Course from Adler & Assoc. and UW Gear

UW Gear is in the business of making gear for the armed citizen, so it only makes sense that they should start offering training geared toward the armed citizen. The new D.I.R.E. Course from Adler & Associates and UW Gear is designed to prepare regular citizens for worst case scenarios.

D.I.R.E. stands for Disaster Insurgency Recovery Event. While many courses do a great job of focusing on specific skills like weapons manipulation or emergency first aid, this course is a practical application of many skills that the armed citizen will find useful in a disaster. It is the first course in an entire planned series of D.I.R.E. courses that will build skills and provide application of the skill that is specific to disaster scenarios.

Visit the UW Gear forum for more information.

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