McNett Aquamira Sport Filter

There are a number of water bottles on the market that can filter your water. They work, but they generally aren’t my favorite bottles in terms of form factor and they typically utilize an expensive replaceable filter. My ideal would be a inexpensive filter that worked with bottles that I already have and like, like the excellent Camelbak Better Bottles. That just happens to be exactly what the new McNett Aquamira Frontier Sport Filter does.

This thing is slick. It can be used with any sport bottle that has an internal straw. It simply attaches to the straw and filters water as you drink. This means that you can step off the trail, fill up your bottle directly from a water source, and then drink. It is extremely convenient and costs much less than the propriety filters found in most other filter bottles.

You can check out the McNett Aquamira Sport Filter on

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