A-TACS FG Webbing and New X-Harness Stabilizer from BCS

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) has been leading the way on gear that features the A-TACS camo patterns. They recently announced that they will be using A-TACS printed webbing on all of their A-TACS gear. This includes the brand new A-TACS FG webbing. BCS is one of the very first to have it.

In addition to the A-TACS webbing, BCS also announced a clever new addition to the x-harness option for their chest rigs. The general trend for chest rig harnesses is the h-harness but there are still those who prefer the x-harness. BCS is now including an x-harness stabilizer on their x-harness equipped chest rigs. The stabilizer is a simple piece of webbing that helps keep the straps in place and off your neck. It also makes the chest rig easier to put on.

BCS offers a full line of A-TACS gear and x-harness equipped chest rigs on their website.

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